How to reach that quality, that sensibility in a tridimensional way, how to ingrate modelism with life besides the diorama, evading the technical procedures, without obtaining a work too stylized or simply incorrect?. 

Before entering in naval modelism, Jose Antonio Bedoya worked with ceramics; one day he called his partner Pablo Macchi and said: “I want your opinion regarding this idea I have materialized”. With the object at hand, they talk about the possibilities of what they have: it was a model of a ceramic boat, the material had adapted to the idea, separating from it, giving attributes and complexities that had to be dominated and submited  to will, but with no doubt a door has been opened and will conduct them to fill a empty space. They also noted that they were about to walk on a road with a tradition of 4600 years. Yes, some of the ancient boat models, actually conservated, were built with mud o clay, among them we can find examples from Crete (4600 yrs.), Cyprus (2800 yrs.), Taranto and Sparta (2600 yrs.).  



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